Watch: Mount Kimbie’s video for ‘You Took Your Time’, which features King Krule.

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Mount Kimbie premiered their new video for ‘You Took Your Time’ over at NOWNESS, which was directed by Swedish director Marcus Söderlund. Söderlund has previously directed videos for Jessie Ware & Sampha (‘Valentine’), Miike Snow (‘Silvia’), and the sublime video for ‘VCR’ by The xx. The song, which is taken from the band’s newest LP, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth (released May 28th via Warp Records) features a typically Mount Kimbie-esque understated post-dubstep malaise, which is covered by King Krule rapping at slowly increasing fervour, aided by rising waves of drums and synths.

The Söderlund-directed video to the track poses a simple, yet unanswered question: “Where should we escape when we have no place to go?” The video is set between the desolate urban cityscape of South London (Tilbury, Essex) into the surrounding marshland countryside. Between shots of the grey estates of Tilbury, featuring burning cars and high-rise blocks and the shots of people clearly stretched by emotional strains, yearning for escapism. King Krule’s uneasy lyrics, which rise with agression and vehement fervour compliment the rising need for an escape. The video ends with one recurring character of the video walking away from the city, along a country road. However, the viewer does not know if escape is found.

Speaking to NOWNESS about the song and accompanying video, Kai Campos, one-half of the post-dubstep duo said that King Krule’s lyrics represent “stream of consciousness”, which creates a “lot of abstract, dream imagery comes out, to paint a wonderfully detailed picture.” Talking of their decision to get Marcus Söderlund to direct the video, Campos said “the quality of his work and his aesthetic style persuaded me that he was the right person to go with and I love it.”. Interestingly, however, Campos particularly made a point to avoid the video trying to portray a particular message or one interpretation, stating “The main thing I wanted to avoid was a moral to the story. That’s not what we do musically, and I don’t think that would have worked, especially for this song. So I wanted it to have a lot of strong imagery in it.” However, creating a body of art that present a particular question through the presentation of strong imagery, but also avoids professing to have all the answers to these questions is no mean feat. However, Söderlund achieves this perfectly in ‘You Took Your Time’, by creating a video which is so unsettling, simply because it poses a question which every one of us feels, but which has no answer.

‘You Took Your Time’ (Featuring King Krule)


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