Track of the Week: M O N E Y – ‘Hold Me Forever’.

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Following the spectacular implosion of Manchester “heavy pop” band WU LYF after their frontman, Ellery James Roberts published a scathing obituary of the band in November of last year, in which he stated “WU LYF is dead to me”, there has been a lack of unconventionality to many emerging musicians. In the modern age, the vast majority of bands become more well known by establishing a considerable presence on the internet, and capitalising on this by being interviewed by music websites and performing on public mediums such as TV.

M O N E Y, similarly to fellow Mancunion band WU LYF approach their participation in the music in very different ways. They have been together as a four-piece for a number of years now, however, their presence cannot really be attributed to them participating in online self-promotion. The band initially used the mediums Facebook, SoundCloud and a Tumblr entitled ‘Courtesy is a Fallacy’  to spread their music. However, they have not published anything on their Tumblr page since January 2012, their Facebook page was deleted and the tracks which were published on their SoundCloud page were taken down. Thus, as of now, their direct involvement in online self-promotion in next to zero. Instead, the band have spent the last few years performing in venues around Manchester, and even selling these venues out on occasion. In fact, the band will be playing their forthcoming LP in full during two shows at the Pavillion Theatre, as part of the Manchester International Festival in July.

However, their restraint from participating in the shallowness of the majority of musical promotion does not simply stop here. The band also brings a definite intellectuality, such as their choice of band name. In the little interaction the do have with the world, the band often quotes poet and novellist Ivan Kozlov which explains their choice: “Money is a bottomless sea, in which honour, conscience and truth may be drowned.” Their choice of ‘money’ as a band name is a direct reference to the failure of much of the world to recognise the pointlessness of wealth. Evidently, they are not a band that are unprepared to make large and inherently political statements.

This week, released a new video for their track ‘Hold Me Forever’, which also happens to be the directoral debut of actor Cillian Murphy. The track is a beautiful, swirling piece of deep introspection as the lyrics swell with self-doubt as vocalist Jamie Lee muses “so wrap me up with water / wrap me up with something”. The lyrics examine the seemingly inherent pointlessness of human relationships, with Lee asking “even if you hold me / if you hold me forever / I’ll become bored / of all of this together / you can praise and thank the lord for keeping us apart”. ‘Hold Me Forever’ is a vindication of the band’s previous efforts. Where songs like ‘The Sea’ and ‘Who’s Going To Love You Now?’ where promising, ‘Hold Me Forever’ is a fully emotional and introspective piece of music.